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The Convenient Process

At Cash for Junk Cars Torrance, we decided that the best way to conduct business is with the highest level of customer satisfaction, ease of service, and convenience. We buy cars, trucks, and SUVs in any condition, and we see no reason why it should have to be hard to make a sale. You could spend weeks, and hundreds of dollars in some cases, on ads and haggling with buyers trying to sell your car privately. If your time is valuable, this process simply isn’t cost efficient. We don’t want you to be losing out on your profits before you even make the sale, and we also want to buy your car as soon as possible, for a fair price, and without any hassle!

So that’s why we’ve made it as easy as calling us at (310) 439-5254 and getting an instant, over the phone offer on your vehicle. Then, to make it that much easier, we pick up your car and pay you in cash! That’s really the whole process nicely summed up, but let us just give you the details anyways, because we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

1. First, it starts with you just picking up the phone and dialing our number, listed above.
2. Our customer service rep will answer promptly and politely, and ask you to provide some details about your car. The details will include things such as the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle (but remember, we will buy it no matter what condition it’s in, so don’t be shy!)
3. We’ll discuss exactly what your car is worth, and we’ll make an offer to purchase it right there on the phone.
4. You can decline the offer, and walk away with a free valuation to think about. Or you can accept it. Our quoting service is entirely free so there are no obligations at this point.
5. If you do accept, we will set up an appointment, usually the same day, to come pick it up!
6. We will pay you in cash, and remove your vehicle and no extra cost. Even if it doesn’t drive, we’ll bring a tow truck!
7. We’ll handle all the paper work, too. So you were actually done on step 6!

So you can see just how easy it really is to sell us your used car, truck, or SUV. Why not give Cash for Junk Cars Torrance a call at (310) 439-5254 now and see what we can do for you?

So you can cast all doubts aside and rest assured that we will definitely be able to make an offer on your vehicle! The only question is, when do you want us to come pick it up? We also can guarantee you the best deal, as we strive to make every last one of our clients happy and satisfied. So give us a call at (310) 439-5254 now and get a free quote!


‘How hard can it be to sell a car, right? Ha! You must’ve never tried. Then again, maybe you just went with these guys every time. It took me weeks of looking for a buyer before I stumbled onto their website, but finally was able to sell my car as soon as I called.’

Esther A.