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Especially junk cars, it’s even in our name! At Cash for Junk Cars Torrance, you already know that we make offers on a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUV in absolutely any condition. And you should also already know about our simple and convenient service where you only need to call us at (310) 439-5254 to get a free valuation of your vehicle, and an instant cash offer for us to come pick it up, usually the same day that you call. But all this even extends to junk and scrap cars! That means our full, easy process of selling a used car, with the free pick up included, can be applied to a junk car as well! We even will offer you free, no hidden fees towing so that you can get the most worth out of your car without having to lose half your profit!

But maybe you’re still not convinced, so let us give you a few examples of what kinds of cars we’re looking for, and how low we’re willing to go. Junk cars come in all shapes, sizes, and of course, conditions. Here is what we’re after:

Any older or nonfunctional vehicle that you just don’t have the time or resources to fix, and haveno need for it anymore. Any vehicle that has been sitting, maybe in a garage, or maybe in a field collecting rust, for a long time and has no use to anyone any longer. Any scrap car that has been used for parts and is not only nonfunctional, but seemingly pretty worthless. We will find some value in it! Even wrecked cars and badly damaged ones that wouldn’t benefit from any type of service, we’ll take them off your hands!

So as you can see, we’re pretty laid back. We will pretty much buy absolutely any car in absolutely any condition. The only thing we will not buy is a badly burnt car, or any RVs. But if you have anything that sounds like what we mentioned above and you don’t know exactly what to do with it, you might as well just give us a call at (310) 439-5254 and at least see what we can do for you. Who knows, you may just walk away with a cleaner garage or lawn and some extra cash for making one short phone call, today!

So you can cast all doubts aside and rest assured that we will definitely be able to make an offer on your vehicle! The only question is, when do you want us to come pick it up? We also can guarantee you the best deal, as we strive to make every last one of our clients happy and satisfied. So give us a call at (310) 439-5254 now and get a free quote!


‘How hard can it be to sell a car, right? Ha! You must’ve never tried. Then again, maybe you just went with these guys every time. It took me weeks of looking for a buyer before I stumbled onto their website, but finally was able to sell my car as soon as I called.’

Esther A.